Thursday, January 1, 2015

Weekly Newsletter #2!

Welcome back Ryan Kidd fans!
Thank you for checking out the second installment of Ryan Kidd's Weekly Newsletter! This is the second of a new weekly blog/newswire Exclusive to where I will update all readers on EVERYTHING Ryan Kidd. Including but not limited to: Upcoming Event info, Video and Audio content, Merchandise information, Social Media Outlets, Upcoming Projects, and a whole lot more!

I would like to wish a Happy New Year to every single one of my fans and supporters! To commemorate the new year, this edition of the newsletter will feature some of my best moments from 2014, some never-before-seen! This past year was full of great  wrestling which saw Ryan Kidd in Florida, Tijuana, California, Mexicali, and even Mexico City!

Mongol Santino, Rico Dinamite, Principe Orion,
Tito Escondido, and Ryan Kidd in MexiCali,MX

Have a burning question you've always meant to ask but never had the chance to? Now you can! Every week on the newsletter I will answer questions asked to me by YOU! Submit questions to or Email them to! Thanks to all who  take the time to send me questions! If you don't see your question on here yet DO NOT FEAR. I will get to ALL of them in due time!

Q: What is your current height and weight?
A: As of this morning, I stand 5'10 and weigh in at 155 lbs.

Q: Where have you not wrestled yet that you would like to?
A: There isn't really ONE place specifically that I would like to go since there is so much uncharted territory for me and I don't want to spoil anything in the works but I'd love to see my fans in the NorthEast United States! I would also love to make a return to the Midwest. I would also love to return to Mexico City as well. Other areas like Puerto Rico and Hawaii are all places I'd love to wrestle as well. I'd say nothing is out of the question!

Q: Who currently would you like to wrestle?
A: I am always looking for the absolute best competition any promotion has to offer. As long as my opponent is willing to bring their A game and fight their hardest then I would like to wrestle them. Right now I'd like a rematch for the OWA Junior Heavyweight Championship and also an opportunity for the LPF World Championship among other things.

This weeks FREE Never-Before-Seen Ryan Kidd match is brought to you by Evolucion Lucha Libre via The Official Ryan Kidd YouTube Channel! Ryan Kidd vs. StarBoy one-on-one from the Evolucion "GenTJ" Tournament in November 2014!. (Pardon the video quality) CLICK HERE

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Event News:
Ryan Kidd returns to the ring in 2015 for Oddity Wrestling Alliance February 7, 2015 in San Diego,CA! Match info to be announced soon! Follow OWA to keep up to date on all event updates!

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Ryan Kidd Video Library:
Check out the completely renovated and newly updated Ryan Kidd OFFICIAL YouTube channel! This weeks Ryan Kidd Recommendation is a look back on 2014  from UKnow Pro In Miami, FL! Featuring FTW (Ryan Kidd & Eddie Randle) vs. Tha TradeMarx in a Ladder Match for the UKnow Pro Tag Team ChampionshipsSubscribe now to the most extensive Ryan Kidd video library anywhere, all easily accessed with the click of a button! To view the aforementioned match CLICK HERE

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Outside the Ring:
Volume one of the new Ryan Kidd YouTube channel exclusive series titled 'Outside the Ring' was released last week! The idea I had and have is to show you: the fans brief glimpses into what I and other wrestlers see and do before, during, and after the show! Expect to see guests: wrestlers and maybe even yourself on one of these videos! Look for Volume 2 in Newsletter #3! Volume 1 is from underneath the bleachers and fans in La Nuevo Arena Coliseo de MexiCali watching Rey Horus vs. Aero Boy for the Lucha Profesional Fronteriza World Championship! CLICK HERE

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-Ryan Kidd

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