Thursday, November 10, 2016

Weekly Newsletter #99!

Welcome back Ryan Kidd fans!
Thank you for checking out this week’s newest installment of Ryan Kidd's Weekly Newsletter! This is the Ninety-Ninth issue of a weekly blog/newswire Exclusive to Ryan Kidd Pro! Here, I update my readers on EVERYTHING Ryan Kidd. Including but not limited to: Upcoming Event info, Video and Photo content, Merchandise information, Social Media Outlets, Upcoming Projects, and a whole lot more!

Hey there Professional Wrestling fans, it's Mr. Excitement once again back here checking in with you all for another awesome issue of the weekly newsletter brought to you by Ryan Kidd Pro and all of our wonderful sponsors. We have a ton in store for you this week as we are on the eve of our One Hundredth issue of consecutive blogging! To commemorate this momentous occasion, this edition of the blog will include: Event Recap & Updates, Exclusive Photo & Video content, and much more!

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Q: In order to be a successful professional athlete/Pro Wrestler, do you need to have an athletic background? Did you?
A:  Not at all. I know tons of very successful Professional Wrestlers who have never even seen the inside of a gym. Granted, those men are unique cases and for most it takes tons of hard work and having athletic experience certainly wouldn't hurt. I would never say that it would ever be completely necessary though. Some simply start their athletic career with Professional Wrestling.

Q: When you were starting out; there were not many teenagers, like yourself, that were wrestling. Now, we see a lot more of them. Would you recommend starting to train and wrestle Professionally so young?
A: Honestly, no not really. I think that there is a huge risk involved in partaking in Professional Wrestling and that should be a decision made by an adult. Additionally, maturity is key in the wrestling business; not something teenage boys are entirely known for. If it happens, so be it but I think 17 or 18 is an appropriate age to begin training for professional wrestling. In the meantime there are tons are workouts and sports that can prepare you physically for professional wrestling. Additionally, I would recommend to all youth to seriously pursue their education while in school.

Q: What do you think of Pro Wrestlers who dabble in both MMA and Professional Wrestling like Bobby Lashley and Brock Lesnar? Would you ever consider fighting for an MMA promotion?
A: I am a big fan of both men listed and have tons of respect for fighters of all styles. Being able to juggle between both on a full time basis is nothing short of impressive. MMA is a very unique sport and I am certainly interested in it. As far as myself competing, I'll never say never - but surely not anytime soon. I would love to continue training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

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Event News:
Ryan Kidd returns to Championship Wrestling from Hollywood on November 13th, 2016 in Port Hueneme, CA! Additional event info on the flyer! Please stay tuned to the blog to keep informed on all event updates! 

Upcoming Events:
• 11/12/16 - SoCal Pro Wrestling - Oceanside, CA   FLYER
• 11/13/16 - Championship Wrestling from Hollywood - Port Hueneme, CA   FLYER
• 11/18/16 - Desert Wrestling Entertainment - El Centro, CA   FLYER
• 11/19/16 - Oddity Wrestling Alliance - San Diego, CA   FLYER
 • 12/3/16 - Southern California Wrestling Alliance - Los Angeles, CA   FLYER
 • 12/4/16 - Championship Wrestling from Hollywood - Port Hueneme, CA   FLYER

Event Recap:
For those that missed me in action this past week here's a quick recap of what you missed:

11/5/16 - Championship Wrestling from Arizona - Tuscon, AZ
1) Krazy Fly def. Lord Drako
2) Evan Daniels & R-Three def. Big Duke & Suede Thompson
3) The Tribe def. Los Banditos
4) Ashley Grace def. Sahmara
5) Oliver Grimsley def. Johnny Soavi
6) Peter Avalon def. Will Cuevas
7) Ryan Kidd & Espiritu def Lucha Star & Shadow Fox
8) Evan Daniels def. Johnny Soavi 
9) Eli Drake def. Suede Thompson
10) Tyler Bateman def. Jakob Austin Young

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