Thursday, December 8, 2016

Weekly Newsletter #103!

Welcome back Ryan Kidd fans!
Thank you for checking out this week’s newest installment of Ryan Kidd's Weekly Newsletter! This is the One Hundred-Third issue of a weekly blog/newswire Exclusive to Ryan Kidd Pro! Here, I update my readers on EVERYTHING Ryan Kidd. Including but not limited to: Upcoming Event info, Video and Photo content, Merchandise information, Social Media Outlets, Upcoming Projects, and a whole lot more!

What's up Ryan Kidd fans? Happy Thursday! Welcome once again to another awesome edition of the Ryan Kidd Weekly Newsletter! We have an action packed blog coming up for you this week and will be announcing some exciting teasers for what ultimately is just a portion of what we have in store for 2017! I am so thankful that you all tuned in this week and cannot thank you enough for the constant support! As my way of saying "Thank You" to all of my fans, this week's blog will feature extra Brand New Content such as: Exclusive Photo & Video updates, Event Recap, and much more!

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Ryan Kidd now booking 2017 World Tour!
World-Traveled American Luchador and Weekly Blogger Ryan Kidd is currently accepting bookings for tour appearances throughout the 2017 calendar year! Contact for Inquiries!
Let your local wrestling promotion that you want to see Mr. Excitement in YOUR area!

Event News:
Ryan Kidd debuts for Venue Wrestling Entertainment on December 10th, 2016 in El Centro, CA! Ryan Kidd takes on Incendio Calavera! Additional event info on the flyer! Please stay tuned to the blog to keep informed on all event updates! 

Upcoming Events:
 • 12/10/16 - Venue Wrestling Entertainment - El Centro, CA
 • 12/18/16 - Lucha Libre TijuaneseTijuana, MX
  • 1/14/17 - SoCal Pro Wrestling - Oceanside, CA

Event Recap:
For those that missed me in action this past week here's a quick recap of what you missed:

12/4/16 - Championship Wrestling from Hollwood - Port Hueneme, CA
1) Scorpio Sky def. Ryan Kidd
2) Eric Watts def. Jace Battle, Hobo, & Austin Harmon
3) Classic Connection def. Ichi & Ni
4) Suede Thompson def. Astro Viajero & DJ Hyde 
5) Bateman def. B-Boy
6) Jarek 1:20 def. Damian Smith
7) PAC3 def. Pinky & Ruben Iglesias
8) Espiritu & Ryan Taylor def. Brody King & Jervis Cottonbelly
9) Tito Escondio def. Maxwell Feinstein
10) Yuma def. Kevin Martensen
11) Big Duke def. Jace Battle
12) Peter Avalon def. Eric Watts

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Outside the Ring:
Volume Sixty-One of the Ryan Kidd YouTube channel exclusive series titled 'Outside the Ring' was released this morning! The idea I had and have is to show you: the fans brief glimpses into what I and other wrestlers see and do before, during, and after the show! Expect to see guests: wrestlers and maybe even yourself on one of these videos! Look for Volume 62 in Newsletter #105! Volume 61 features Ryan Kidd's thoughts on his upcoming debut with Venue Wrestling Entertainment this weekend in the Imperial Valley! CLICK HERE

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Have a burning question you've always meant to ask but never had the chance to? Now you can! Every week on the newsletter I will answer questions asked to me by YOU! Submit questions to or Email them to! Thanks to all who  take the time to send me questions! If you don't see your question on here yet DO NOT FEAR. I will get to ALL of them in due time!

Q: Can you just go from wearing a mask to not? I thought there was serious tradition in Lucha Libre with masks.
A: This is an excellent question. Yes, there is a serious tradition in the Lucha Libre and Mexican culture where a Luchador does not reveal his true identity to the world. However, I consider myself a bit of an exception. First off, while I love the Mexican heritage and culture; I am an American. And as much as I respect the tradition, I felt that adding a mask while remaining the same character was a good move for me. I don't imagine that it rubs too many people the wrong way. 

Q: Have you ever held the SoCal Pro Golden State Championship before?
A: Cool question! Right now I have never held any championship in SoCal Pro actually. I have challenged for each Championship in the past though, including the Golden State Championship. Fun Fact: I was actually in the match to determine the first ever Golden State Champion.

Q: What do you want for Christmas?
A: Awesome question! Check out the Q&A Video Response Video above for a detailed response!

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• Stricks Pics
• SoCal Uncensored

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