Monday, January 9, 2017

DDT: Positivity Piece #2

Welcome everyone to this weeks' Defeat Depression Today (DDT) 'Positivity Piece'. This is a Weekly motivational forum; published through XSite Entertainment; intended to motivate, promote, and spread the positive message of Defeat Depression Today to ALL sympathizers, ambassadors, and sufferers of Depression, PTSD, and related illnesses.

Happy Monday everyone! We are very happy to have you here with us this week as we present our newest 'Positivity Piece'! The intent of this news piece is to check in with our fans and sympathizers weekly to interact with and offer some positive motivation as we prepare to head in to a brand new week full of opportunity! 

Additionally, the Positivity Piece will include News and Updates pertaining to DDT, our fundraisers, and our progress in putting a stop to Depression for good!

Every day Defeat Depression Today aims to raise awareness to ALL regarding the every day dangers of Depression along with spreading motivation and positivity through our social media and online campaigning .

This week, DDT is sharing #MyEscape and asking our followers to get involved in sharing our HashTag along with a comment of what your "Escape" from reality is. We all have one, which is exactly the point.
Everyone deals with their sadness differently. Share your best (positive) method to Inspire others!

 Now Available online through the Brand New XSite Entertainment Online Store are Offcially Licensed Defeat Depression Today T-Shirts as a part of our 2017 First Quarter Fundraiser! For just $14.99, you get this 100% cotton,  screen printed T-Shirt AND a Defeat Depression Today pamphlet with sticker

100% of DDT Merchandise profits will be donated to The Hope for Depression Research Foundation on March 31st, 2017
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In case you forgot, Defeat Depression Today has a new face, and he's all smiles! Mariachi Loco has joined the DDT Team as our First Sponsored athlete! We are happy to have him on the team and look forward to having him involved in our upcoming 2017 fundraisers!

Follow Mariachi Loco:

Instagram CLICK HERE

Announced at the brand new home of Defeat Depression, are announcement dates for our 2017 calendar year of fundraising! Mark the dates in your calendar today and find out how to get involved! More info regarding fundraisers will be released every Monday through the 'Positivity Piece'.
For now stay tuned!:

In June 2017 Defeat Depression Today will be hosting a LIVE full-length feature Pro Wrestling and Lucha Libre event in San Diego, CA!

Thanks you all for tuning in this week! We are sure to have much more unique and exciting content every single Monday and throughout the week at!
Stay Positive. Stay Happy.
You CAN do it.

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