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Weekly Newsletter #30!

Welcome back Ryan Kidd fans!
Thank you for checking out this weeks newest installment of Ryan Kidd's Weekly Newsletter! This is the Thirtieth issue of a weekly blog/newswire Exclusive to Ryan Kidd Pro! Here, I update my readers on EVERYTHING Ryan Kidd. Including but not limited to: Upcoming Event info, Video and Audio content, Merchandise information, Social Media Outlets, Upcoming Projects, and a whole lot more!

Hello everyone and welcome to the very Special Weekly Newsletter #30! It amazes me how quickly Thirty weeks have come and gone, and yet there is a Ryan Kidd Weekly Blog out there for each of those weeks. The journey hasn't been simple, but with the constant support of my fans and readers alike it is all possible. To show my gratitude for Thirty weeks of consistent support and viewership, this blog will be filled with nearly double the content you are used to on a weekly basis! Including all of our typical weekly info, the return of the Ryan Kidd Fabric Free For all, Scavenger Hunt/VIP news, and MUCH more!

 Any businesses or parties interested in sponsorship or advertising through Ryan Kidd and affiliated Media outlets please contact for additional information! Become a Third Quarter Sponsor today! 

Third Quarter Packages will include an Exclusive 3rd Quarter Sponsor Hat!
Only for sponsors or VIP's, never to be made again!

Event News:
Ryan Kidd is extremely happy to announce his participation in the 2015 Harley Race Annual Training Camp on August 24th-28th, 2015 in Troy,MO! Along with this is assured event dates for my fans in the Midwestern United States!

 Also, Ryan Kidd debuts for Imperial Valley Lucha tomorrow, July 17th, 2015 in Imperial, CA and Lucha Libre VOZ July 19th, 2015 in Mesa, AZ! Event info on the flyer! Stay tuned to the blog to keep up to date on all event updates!

Upcoming Events:
• 7/17/15 - Imperial Valley Lucha - Imperial, CA FLYER 
• 7/18/15 - SoCal Pro Wrestling - Oceanside, CA FLYER
• 7/19/15 -  Lucha Libre VOZ - Mesa, AZ FLYER
• 8/24/15 - Harley Race Training camp w/ NJPW's Gedo - Troy,MO
• 8/25/15 - Harley Race Training camp w/ NOAH's Naomichi Marifuji - Troy,MO
• 8/26/15 - Harley Race Training camp w/ Tom Prichard - Troy,MO
• 8/27/15 - Harley Race Training camp w/ Tom Prichard - Troy,MO
• 8/28/15 - Harley Race Training camp w/ Ric Flair - Troy,MO

Weekend Recap:
For those that missed me in action this past weekend here's a quick recap of what you missed:

7/10/15 - Lucha Libre VIP - Los Angeles, CA

1) Ryan Kidd def. Famous B & Ricky Mandel
2) Nightmare, Transformer Boy, & Classicus Shadow def. Warhog, Asgar, & Black Puma
3) Lestat & Jaguar del Oro def. Pequito Shamu & Alto Voltage
4) Los Luchas def. Sin Limite & Sin Limite Jr.
5) Misterioso Jr., Blood Eagle, & Shamu Jr. def. Mariachi Loco, Lil Cholo, & Acero Dorado
6) Hijo De Rey Mysterio & Bobby Lee Jr. vs. Hijo De Fishman & Canek Jr. went to a No Contest

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Have a burning question you've always meant to ask but never had the chance to? Now you can! Every week on the newsletter I will answer questions asked to me by YOU! Submit questions to or Email them to! Thanks to all who  take the time to send me questions! If you don't see your question on here yet DO NOT FEAR. I will get to ALL of them in due time!

Q: You said it was a big ordeal to get into all of your gear. What do you mean by that and could you explain why it is that big of deal? What all do you wear?
A: It really isn't a big deal OR ordeal. It is however a very time consuming process. I wear about three or four layers under my gear that meets the eye including braces, undergarments, and wraps. Plus lacing up two separate 50 hole boots takes time as well. It's almost a guaranteed thirty minutes to an hour of undressing and dressing. Which is something I usually dread when in my comfortable clothing outside of the ring

Q: Do you watch TV or movies and what are your favorites?
A: I don't always get a lot of time to watch TV or movies but I certainly do enjoy when I get the opportunity. I am a huge fan of horror movies, specifically slasher flicks. I love Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, etc. I am also a big comedy fan, I really enjoy(ed) Jim Carrey. In terms of Television shows; I love South Park, Breaking Bad, Dragon Ball Z, and Forensic Files to name a few. Awesome Question.

Q: What does a wrestler do when he suddenly gets sick and can't make a show?  Do you wrestle sick or does the promotion work with you and find a replacement or cancel the match?
A: That's really going to be up to the individual. I have wrestled as sick as a dog. Literally to the point where I am vomiting (Apologies for those with weak stomachs) the entire day up until I get to the venue, arrive, wrestle without issue, and immediately resume vomiting after the match is over. There is a 'line' though, as I have also been so sick that I feel I cannot compete and have been forced to cancel. In that case, it's essentially left up to the promoter to either find a replacement or make something work because the show always goes on. It's never fun to cancel an event but being sick is among the worst reasons. A personal issue or prior commitment you can't really help and it occupies your day and your thoughts. When sick, all you can think of is how the show is going and how you're missing out. It's a really terrible feeling.

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Ryan Kidd Scavenger Hunt/VIP update!:
It is with great pleasure to announce that next weeks' Newsletter #31 will contain full details and the initial hint to the next Ryan Kidd Scavenger Hunt! Including Ryan Kidd merchandise, some Exclusive VIP merchandise, and much more mystery material!

Also, coming soon at featured events and VIP opportunities will be the implementation of the  Ryan Kidd VIP towel!(?) 
Details Coming Soon...

Now Accepting Cash AND Credit Cards at all Live Events!

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Outside the Ring:
Volume Twenty of the new Ryan Kidd YouTube channel exclusive series titled 'Outside the Ring' was released this morning! The idea I had and have is to show you: the fans brief glimpses into what I and other wrestlers see and do before, during, and after the show! Expect to see guests: wrestlers and maybe even yourself on one of these videos! Look for Volume 21 in Newsletter #32. Volume 20 is from a Mexican Deathmatch in Pachuca, MX featuring Violento Jack and Ciclope in a 100 light tube deathmatch from a DTU event in June 2015!  CLICK HERE

Ryan Kidd Video Library:
Check out the completely renovated and newly updated Ryan Kidd OFFICIAL YouTube channel! This weeks Ryan Kidd Recommendation is a look at the year 2013 from the Insane Wrestling League In Bell Gardens, CA! Featuring 'Mr. Excitement' Ryan Kidd vs. Simon Lotto Subscribe now to the most extensive Ryan Kidd video library anywhere, all easily accessed with the click of a button! To view the aforementioned match CLICK HERE

All Ryan Kidd fans on SnapChat you can add me at: RyanKidd0802 and send me snaps and possibly even see short shots of my daily routine!

Ryan Kidd Fabric Free For All is Back!
It has been months since the initial Ryan Kidd Fabric Free For All and now, it is back! An Exclusive, one of a kind opportunity to own your very own piece of 'Mr. Excitement' memorabilia in the form of Ryan Kidd Ring-Worn wrestling gear!

The rules are simple:

• Starting Bid is $100.00
• Bidding starts NOW and ends Wednesday July 29th, 2015 at 11:59 pm PST.
• Those interested in bidding submit your bid to or Ryan Kidd via Social Media
• All past bidders will be notified when the bid has increased.
• No limit to amount of bids per person.
• Mandatory $6.00 (domestic) shipping fee will be added to the winning bid.

Once the bidding has ended the winner will be personally contacted and the trunks will be shipped the following day along with a Certificate of AuthenticityPersonalized photos of Ryan Kidd wearing the purchased gear, Ring of Hope DVD, and a slew of other rare one-of-a-kind items! This is a completely original, custom design and creation from Ryan Kidd and his custom seamstresses and a 1/1 ultra rare item that can only be sold once! Don't miss your opportunity to own this rare piece of Ryan Kidd wrestling history!

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