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Weekly Newsletter #148!

Welcome Ryan Kidd fans!

Thank you for checking out this week’s newest installment of Ryan Kidd's Weekly Newsletter! This is the One Hundred-Forty Eighth issue of a weekly blog/newswire Exclusive to Ryan Kidd Pro! Here, I update my readers on EVERYTHING Ryan Kidd. Including but not limited to: Upcoming Event info, Video and Photo content, Merchandise information, Social Media Outlets, Upcoming Projects, and a whole lot more!

What's going on Ryan Kidd Fans? I hope that you are all having an excellent week so far! Thank you all for once again tuning in to the Ryan Kidd Weekly Newsletter! We have an exciting blog in store for you this week jam-packed with news and info. Of course, none of this is possible without the Support of our fans in the form of Sharing the blog with your friends online! As a 'Thank You' to those who consistently Support; this issue of the blog is going to be loaded with extras including  Free matches, Q&A and so much more! Enjoy!

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As a part of blog renovations, the 2018 Second Quarter will see the return of 'Outside the Ring' as a Bi-Weekly VLOG as a part of The Official Ryan Kidd Youtube Channel! The Vlog will include exclusive behind the scenes clips similar to the initial 'Outside the Ring' series in addition to match promos, behind the scenes pre and post match content, skits, and much more!

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Event News:

Ryan Kidd debuts for House of Hardcore and Warriors for Wrestling on April 28th, 2018 in Fort Wayne, IN! Additional event info on the flyer!

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Upcoming Events:

• 4/6/18 - Empire Wrestling Federation - Covina,CA 

• 4/8/18 - Lucha Libre Internacional  - Mexicali, MX

• 4/15/18 - Underworld Promotions - Tijuana,MX

• 4/28/18 - House of Hardcore - Ft. Wayne,IN

• 4/29/18 - TBA - Cleveland, OH

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Q: Will we ever see footage of 'The Iron Will Challenge'?

A: That is a great question! There have been a couple of the matches from the event released online for special occasions since the event. However, the actual 60-Minute Iron Man Match has not been even uploaded online yet. When the event took place the footage was meant to remain semi-exclusive in that event sponsors and patrons only would be able to see the match digitally. Since then, I have considered the possibility of releasing additional footage of the event but haven't pursued anything yet. Perhaps in the future we will see the footage of that very special moment in my career. 

Q: Did you have to get permission from your parents to start training?

A: Cool question. Also a funny story. When I began to consider training; I figured you could, like any other sport, kind of come and go as you pleased. So I saved up my own money, about enough for two months training and expected that I could simply train for a couple of months and be done with it; like a season of basketball or baseball for a young man that age. So I paid for my training on my own accord without running it by my parents. It wasn't until they were made aware that they would have to drive me across town multiple days a week that it became somewhat of an issue. Luckily, after a few tantrums, they had caved in and agreed to take me regularly until I could drive on my own. Once I started training however, I realized that wrestling is very different from traditional sports and the two months became two years which has now snow balled to Eight. Guess my season isn't quite over just yet.

Q: In Eight years of Wrestling what is your favorite area that you have wrestled in so far?

A:  That is an excellent question. In my time in Professional Wrestling I have been blessed to be able to see a lot of the World and visit some very beautiful cities. Japan and Mexico stand out to me as favorites for a multitude of reasons. The people in Japan are absolutely the nicest, most respectful group of people I have ever encountered. The country is beautiful and I am very fond of the culture. Additionally, the popularity of wrestling in Japan speaks for itself as being one of the best in the World. Mexico, as well is somewhere I have adopted as a secondary home. The people in Mexico are very friendly as well and the feeling of freedom is second to none. Moreover, the wrestling culture is once of the richest in the World. Everywhere I have visited has been an absolute pleasure! I cannot wait to revisit my friends in each respective area!

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