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Weekly Newsletter #7!

Welcome back Ryan Kidd fans!
Thank you for checking out the most recent installment of Ryan Kidd's Weekly Newsletter! This is the seventh issue of a new weekly blog/newswire Exclusive to! Here, I will update all readers on EVERYTHING Ryan Kidd. Including but not limited to: Upcoming Event info, Video and Audio content, Merchandise information, Social Media Outlets, Upcoming Projects, and a whole lot more!

Hey fans! Thanks to all who consistently take the time out of their day every week to read and catch up on the latest Ryan Kidd happenings! Also, big thanks to all the fans in MexiCali, MX who came out this past weekend to pack Gym Nitrox for Lucha Profesional Fronteriza! As well as my fans in Northern California planning to come out this weekend for Action Coast Empire.  To show my thanks for all the support, this issue of the blog will feature never before seen video, photos, and much more

Ryan Kidd Video Library:
Check out the completely renovated and newly updated Ryan Kidd OFFICIAL YouTube channel! This weeks Ryan Kidd Recommendation is a look at this year, 2014 from Oddity Wrestling Alliance In San Diego, CA! Featuring 'Mr. Excitement' Ryan Kidd vs. X-Torm vs. Buffalo Ayala vs. Mosco Negro vs Alastor in a 5-Man freestyle match to crown the first ever OWA Jr. Heavyweight ChampionSubscribe now to the most extensive Ryan Kidd video library anywhere, all easily accessed with the click of a button
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This weeks FREE Ryan Kidd match is brought to you by SoCal Pro Wrestling via The Official Ryan Kidd YouTube ChannelFTW (Ryan Kidd & Eddie Randle) vs RockNES Monsters (Johnny Goodtime & Johnny Yuma)  in a special attraction tag team match from Oceanside,CA in September 2012! (Pardon the video quality) CLICK HERE

Outside the Ring:
Volume five of the new Ryan Kidd YouTube channel exclusive series titled 'Outside the Ring' was released this morning! The idea I had and have is to show you: the fans brief glimpses into what I and other wrestlers see and do before, during, and after the show! Expect to see guests: wrestlers and maybe even yourself on one of these videos! Look for Volume 6 in newsletter #9 . Volume 5  is from this past weekend in MexiCali, MX. With a brief glimpse of some young Lucha Profesional Fronteriza  fans! CLICK HERE

Jay Cal's view #108 was just released at This blog features nationwide wrestling coverage including news regarding the National Wrestling Alliance, Southern California wrestling, and more! Including exclusive photos and interviews among other things! All this and more HERE

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Q: If you were not into wrestling for your career, what would you want to do to earn a living?

A: That's a very tough question. While, I do have other interests I really can't see myself doing anything but Professional Wrestling as a career. There is nothing in my life that has consumed me quite in the way that wrestling has; so it's hard to imagine myself doing, or even wanting to do something different.

Q: What is your favorite and your least favorite match to compete in?  (Lumberjack, Ladder, Tables, bullrope, tag team etc)

A: Well, most stipulated matches tend to involve foreign objects, which hurt. A lot. Out of the matches I've had, a ladder match has most likely been my least favorite. Something about the addition of weapons and high impact maneuvers just doesn't seem to mix very well. Not to mention there is already a high enough risk for a match without that sort of leniency.  Although if I never competed in another Battle Royal again, it'd probably be too soon.

Q: What do you do with all of your old wrestling gear? Would you ever consider selling any of it?

A: Good question! Most of the gear I grow out of is sitting in a storage container. I have offered to sell ring worn gear before and have sold a couple pair but haven't really seen much interest since then. Maybe one day soon I'll throw another pair up for auction. Most of my gear is very special to me though. Every pair was inspired by different moments and times in my personal and professional life, so to sell a pair is almost like selling a part of the memories in my mind. 

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Event News:
Ryan Kidd returns to the ring and returns to the Insane Wrestling League on February 21, 2015! Ryan Kidd takes on Johhny Saovi! Stay tuned to the blog to keep up to date on all  upcoming event updates!

Event Recap:

If you missed Lucha Profesional Fronteriza this past weekend, here's a quick recap of what took place:
1) Flyboy def. Aresus
2) Kamika-C & Onyx def. Ryan Kidd & Matrix
3) Tronx & Black Master def. Vaquero Jr. & Oziel
4) Genio Del Aire & Proximo def. Crazy Azteca & Renegado
5) Skalibur def. Steve Pain

Upcoming Events:
• 2/7/15 - Action Coast Empire - Pacheco,CA
• 2/20/15 - Baja Stars Wrestling - Tijuana,MX
• 2/21/15 - Insane Wrestling League - Baldwin Park,CA

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