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Weekly Newsletter #12!

Welcome back Ryan Kidd fans!
Thank you for checking out this weeks newest installment of Ryan Kidd's Weekly Newsletter! This is the Twelfth issue of a new weekly blog/newswire Exclusive to! Here, I update my readers on EVERYTHING Ryan Kidd. Including but not limited to: Upcoming Event info, Video and Audio content, Merchandise information, Social Media Outlets, Upcoming Projects, and a whole lot more!

Hey fans welcome to Ryan Kidd Weekly newsletter #12! Huge thanks to all my fans who the blog every week by sharing on social media! Also, a big thanks to all the fans who came to Boo and Cheer me in action this weekend at two packed events in both MexiCali,MX and Hollywood,CA! Make sure also to catch me action this weekend as well! To show my thanks for all of your support, this edition of the blog will be packed with never before seen photos and recap from the weekend, Q&A, and much more!

Have a burning question you've always meant to ask but never had the chance to? Now you can! Every week on the newsletter I will answer questions asked to me by YOU! Submit questions to or Email them to! Thanks to all who  take the time to send me questions! If you don't see your question on here yet DO NOT FEAR. I will get to ALL of them in due time!

Q: How do you feel about an intergender match (where you have to wrestle a person of the oposite sex), do you like or dislike those matches?  Are there advantages and disadvantages?
A: I don't really have much of an opinion on it. I have been in an intergender match before and don't recall really think much of it before or after. I have seen a lot of really good intergender wrestling and a lot of frightening things as well. Obviously wrestling a female can seem to be an advantage, but the confidence boost could quickly turn into a disadvantage. There are a handful of extremely talented female wrestlers that I am confident can hold their own against a majority of male wrestlers. As long as it's well done and safe, wrestling is wrestling.

Q: Would you ever do a barbed wire match?  To me some of these extreme matches go to far. Whats your feelings?
A: Everything in wrestling has a place in my opinion. If a feud between two opponents seems to require such a stipulation then so be it. Hardcore wrestling is it's own art form in my opinion as well; so I can also appreciate the 'exhibition' style deathmatches between opponents who don't necessarily hate each other, but enjoy inflicting pain using foreign objects. Would I personally do a barbed wire match? Possibly. I'd have to really want to hurt my opponent or be fighting for something to persuade me to possibly severely injure myself.

Q: What is the strangest stipulation you have had in a match?  We have all seen the loser gets his hair cut. I recently saw one where the loser gave his gear to the winner. Stripped right in the ring (not nude), but whats the point?
A: I personally haven't been in too strange of a stipulation of that kind but I have been on many shows with matches of that variant. I've seen masks, hair, managers, careers, contracts, and more on the line in matches. I think the main object at stake in most of those stipulation matches is pride. When you not only lose to an opponent but are then immediately after shamed in public in front of family, friends, and peers it really cuts you down to size. Some people are never the same after losing their pride to an opponent. Once again though, those matches typically take place between opponents with a history with one another so it isn't surprising to see rivals want to humiliate their opponent.

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Event News:
Ryan Kidd returns to the ring and makes his Arizona debut on March 13th AND 14th, 2015 for Lucha Profesional Fronteriza! Match info to be announced soon! Stay tuned to the blog to keep up to date on all event updates!

Weekend Recap:
For those that missed me in action this past weekend here's a quick recap of what you missed:

Lucha Profesional Fronteriza 3/7/15
Highlight Video: CLICK HERE
1) FlayBoy def Arezus & Oziel
2) Ryan Kidd & Incendio Calavera def. Kamik-C & Maverick
3) X-Torm & Zarco def Skalibur & Vaquero Jr.
4) Maverick def. Kamik-C
5) Relampago & Genio Del Aire def. Tronx & Tony Casanova

Championship Wrestling From Hollywood 3/8/15
Stay tuned to your local cable provider for KDOC LA-Channel 56 or on Pateron for all of your Championship Wrestling from Hollywood needs including all episdoes past , present, and future! Visit for for info!

Upcoming Events:
• 3/13/15 - Lucha Profesional Fronteriza - San Luis, AZ
• 3/14/15 - Lucha Profesional Fronteriza - San Luis, AZ

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